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Do In: balance and harmony as a lifestyle

Do In, is literally translated from the Japanese as “the flow of the energy”. Do In, derives from Taoism and it is connected to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which considers the human being as a holistic whole. Do-In emphases living in harmony by cultivating moderation and self-respect in speech and thought, balance and flexibility in body and mind, and align oneself with a sense of purpose and personal mission.

By finding harmony through a Do – In based life style, you create harmony in your environment as well. We work on releasing tensions , through exercises and meditations : by cultivating your own serenity you also affect your surroundings positively .

This brings balance and a renewed sense of energy and gentle inner power.

With Do In, we learn to release tensions, improve our posture and our flexibility.

Do In is gentle but effective and it is designed for all bodies and ages.

Before beginning any new practice, you need however, the advise of your doctor.

We offer yoga and meditations sessions.

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