Who am I : My story

I would like every human being to dance, not to become a dancer but to dance.

Rudolf Nureyev

Dance: Joy and health through movement

Raqs Sharqi , literally translated as Dances of the Orient has ancient roots: originally dance was meant as a form of celebration, rite and prayer. However, despite its cultural bonds with the Middle East, anybody can open up to the language of Raqs Sharqi by tuning in to our heartbeat and the joy of the body moving. The movements are natural and available to all body forms, backgrounds and ages.

My story: from dance to yoga and non-violent communication

I love to build a relationship of connection, inclusion and mutual trust with my students, where everybody feels welcome and can open up to the experience of movement as a path of joy, growth and healing. With several years of diverse artistic experiences, I have shaped my unique way of working and dancing.

Raqs Sharqi, ignited a flame in my heart and soul, thanks to the extraordinary encounter with the great avant-garde artist Suraya Hilal, and her company of outstanding musicians living between London, Cairo and Alexandria. The force of their art opened up in me a deep love for this dance, and music in their authentic roots far from clich├ęs and commercialisations.

Since then, I have been collaborating with several major artists and musicians:

  • Guy Shalom and the Baladi Blues Ensemble (UK),
  • Centre Culturel Arabe (Brussels)
  • Al- Andalous Academy ( Brussels)
  • Master musician Sattar Al Saadi ( Teacher of Arabic music at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam ) and his ensemble of Sufi musicians ( NL)
  • Thor, Contemporary Dance, Brussels
  • BlpusC, LAKTheater, NL

Finding harmony: Non-violent communication and Yoga

Next to my journey as a dancer, I completed a Master of Arts degree in philosophy and became a trainer based on Non-violent communication in short NVC, (Marshal Rosenberg method with certified NVC trainer Yoram Mosenzon at Connecting2life, Amsterdam). I am also a qualified Do-In Yoga teacher and lifestyle coach based on Do-In Yoga (Do-In Academy, by Lilian Kluivers).

Dance, yoga and NVC contribute to a life based on empathy, harmony and authenticity. NVC is the art of maintaining a respectful and honest dialogue and improves your relationships in your family and at work.

Online School for Body, mind and Spirit

The School supports harmony and health through dance, yoga and communication.

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